Lazy Boy Recliners:Giving Comfort Since the 1920's

Lazy Boy Recliners are one of the most brilliant inventions that was ever created. Yes, it is sleek and sophisticated, but most importantly, it brings comfort! Anyone who sits in a Lazy Boy Recliner has no choice but to let go of all the stresses of the day and indulge in the superior comfort and relaxation only this chair can bring.

The history of this chair dates back to the 1920's in Michigan where cousins Edward Knabusch and Edwin Shoemaker quit their current jobs and ventured in the furniture business. It was not easy for both of them; their business had its struggles and they also faced some financial difficulties. However, this did not stop them from fulfilling the American dream. After a year, the Floral City Furnitures, as they were called, finally started running better, and nobody knew that the cousins were to give birth to the Lazy Boy Recliners.

Starting from the very first chairs by the cousins, the creators had in mind several things - it's appearance, functionality and the level of ease and comfort in can give to anyone who will own one.

The first of its kind was called the "Gossiper" which owes its name to the overall functionality it can give; it allowed people to not only sit and relax, but also to chat, to talk on the phone and to store things. Even in the olden times, people already relied on the relaxing experience and a lot more that only this chair had to offer.

Not long after, they created recliners that followed the contour of a person's back; which was important in achieving comfort and coziness, practically similar to what we have in the market today. The first recliner was a folding wood-slat porch chair that was followed by the first upholstered Lazy Boy Recliner. This first recliner was black and chic, and that lie-back-and-take-it-easy chair became the talk of the town and everyone simply wanted to have one.

From then on, the creators of Lazy Boy Recliners strived to give its consumers a truly relaxing experience with their recliners. They experimented with new colors, a built-in ottoman, an optional vibrating feature and a back seat that adjusts to your comfort; but they did not stop there! They also included in one model, horns, honks and lights, just like what cars have! They experimented with so many features that will fit anyone's lifestyle. Up to now, we still have the Lazy Boy Recliners trying to explore even more features for the enjoyment of their consumers.

Today, we can find Lazy Boy Recliners anywhere; in the homes, lounges, movie houses, and almost everywhere else. And it keeps its reputation as always - it never sacrificed the level of comfort it brings, it still looks fabulous, and the extras are just as delighting!